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Is Cleaning Your HVAC Air Duct Necessary?

Industrial heating ductsDuct cleaning is one aspect of HVAC maintenance that gets a fair amount of attention. Though the activity seems logical, cleaning the air ducts often may not be as necessary as the task sounds. Ducts do get dusty, but it is not detrimental to the machine to clean as often as you would want to clean your dryer ducts, for example.

HVAC duct cleaning is not considered an essential part of routine HVAC maintenance and is instead completed on an as-needed basis. Dust that enters your ducts tends to stick to the duct surfaces and is not generally pumped into the living space.

Duct cleaning can be beneficial when needed. If ducts become so clogged with dust that it begins to impact performance, a cleaning will undoubtedly resolve the issue. Cleanings will also take place if the ducts are infested with insects, mice, other vermin, or mold growth.

Cleaning out your ducts requires the use of specialized tools used by your local HVAC companies in Williamsburg, VA, to dislodge the dirt before it is vacuumed out. Ducts may need to be cut for tool access and would then require to be resealed, making this a task you should not take on by yourself. If done improperly, more harm than good can be caused.

If you think your HVAC ducts are in need of a cleaning, contact Art Newsome Inc. today to schedule an appointment with our experienced team. We’ll come out and evaluate your HVAC unit and help you determine the best course of action for maintenance.