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Three Ways to Heat Your Home

Technician adjusting a heating unitWhether you are building a new home or renovating an older one, heating is one of the essential elements you will need to incorporate. Revisiting your heating strategy could help you gain efficiencies and reduce your utility costs every winter. The most efficient fuel type for your home will vary depending on where you live, and below are three of the most common ways to heat your home.

  1. Electric Heating

There are many different ways to utilize electric heating into your space, from whole-home furnaces to multifunction HVAC systems that offer both heating and cooling. You can also use portable heaters to help warm up extra cold areas. Art Newsome Inc. provides a variety of heating services in Williamsburg, VA, and will help you find the best electrical option for your needs.

  1. Natural Gas Heating

In some areas, natural gas heating can be the most cost-effective option over propane, electric, or oil. Whole-home furnaces, wall-mounted heaters, and fireplaces are all suitable options with natural gas. Not only can this be a more affordable option, but it is also a safe and clean fuel type.

  1. Baseboard Heating

Hot water baseboard or radiator heating includes a boiler system with hot water radiators throughout the home. This method of heat can be built directly into the house during construction and can be a cost-effective option. The efficiency and process of these systems have been significantly improved over the years, making this a great way to heat your home.

How to Reduce Your Home Cooling Costs

Technician checking an air conditionerWhen high temperatures strike, your first step may be to crank up your home cooling system. Though this helps you live comfortably in your home, you may notice your energy bills significantly increasing. Below are a few tips on how to reduce your cooling costs while remaining comfortable during those hot and sticky days.

Keep the filter clean: If you cannot remember the last time you checked your unit’s air filter, you could contact Art Newsome, Inc. right away. Your filter can accumulate dirt and dust, making it harder for the air to filter through the machine and be cooled. Ensuring your air filters are regularly cleaned and replaced can save you 5-15% on your energy bills.

Keep ducts and vents maintained: By scheduling regular maintenance on your unit, you can ensure the ducts and vents are adequately maintained. A specialist will also be able to check for holes or leaks, which could be drastically impacting performance and your bills.

Reduce your heat sources: Natural lighting is beautiful, but keeping your curtains wide open on sweltering days could be unnecessarily heating up your home. If you want to get the most out of your central air system, be sure to close curtains and blinds. You also want to ensure any heat-producing appliances, such as your TV or lamps, away from the thermostat. The heat emitting from these objects could make the system think it needs to work harder than it does.

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