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How to Kill the Chill in Your Basement

Fully finished and furnished basementA finished basement is a great way to increase the livable space in your home. Unfortunately, a basement tends to stay 5-15 degrees colder than the rest of your home. Even if you have a high-quality heating system in your home, you may still experience an unwanted chill in your finished area. Fortunately, there are varieties of ways you can produce extra heat to make your basement more enjoyable during the cold winter months.

  1. Extend Your Existing System

One way to provide extra heat into your basement is to extend your existing system. Not only will this allow you to control the temperature on all floors of your home, but it can also increase the overall value of your property. Art Newsome Inc. is one of the best HVAC companies in Williamsburg, VA, and will help you build upon your current system.

  1. Invest in Space Heaters

Portable space heaters can be a great way to heat the area you reside most in your basement. Whether the kids are having a movie night or you and your friends are watching the game, you can stay warm with a portable heater. Though this is the cheapest option, space heaters take up a lot of energy and can be dangerous if left on and unattended.

  1. Plug-In Baseboard Heaters

Plug-in baseboard heaters look just like their hard-wired counterparts. These heaters are also portable and disperse more heat than your average space heater. One disadvantage to this option is that these heaters tend to take up a lot of space, as they sit on the floor and not against the wall like regular baseboard heaters.