How to Keep Your Garage Cool

Triple-door garage on large, beautiful homeWhen installing a heating or cooling system in your home, one area that is often forgotten is the garage. If you use your garage space as a workshop for cars, home maintenance projects, or gardening tasks, a hot garage in the middle of summer is the last place you will want to be. Make every space in your home comfortable with the help of our contractors at Art Newsome Inc.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Your Garage

Adding AC to your garage will not only make it a pleasant place to work in the summer, but it will help keep the surrounding rooms cooler as well. This can also help improve your utility bills, as the AC is not working as hard to keep the adjacent rooms at your desired temperature. The hot air from uncooled garages will begin to infiltrate your home, especially if it leads directly into the main areas of the house.

When looking to incorporate air conditioning into your garage, it is imperative that you contact the professionals at Art Newsome Inc. There are a variety of ways in which attempting to direct your AC into the garage yourself can have detrimental effects. This could result in your system failing and dangerous fumes being led into the garage or your home.

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