How to Repair a Central AC System, Part 2

Man setting up an air conditioning unitWhen it comes to HVAC in Hampton, VA, Art Newsome, Inc. has the skills and expertise needed to repair any job. If your central air conditioning system is not functioning correctly, there are a variety of ways to troubleshoot each issue you are experiencing.

The AC Does Not Dehumidify the Air

If the air in your home still seems stuffy and humid, your system is most likely too large for your home. An oversized AC system can cool the air in your home so fast that the thermostat will shut off before the air gets dehumidified. If you are noticing this issue, we recommend replacing the condensing unit and coils with ones that are correctly fitted to the size of your home.

The AC Runs Forever but Does Not Cool

Inadequate cooling along with the compressing running for an extended period is commonly a sign of a worn-out unit. The system is no longer able to compress refrigerant, so you will need to have the compressor tested and possibly replaced.

The Compressor Cycle is Too Short

A short-cycling compressor has a variety of causes, such as an obstructed thermostat, refrigerant leaks, and icy coils. Check the condenser fins to ensure they are not dirty or drastically bent and replace the air filter if it is dirty. You should also contact the technicians at Art Newsome, Inc. to check for refrigerant leaks.