What Are Fin Combs and How to Use Them

Technician maintaining outdoor AC unitFin combs, or a coil fin tool, are specialty tools that are used to straighten bent fins within an AC or heat pump system. These fins are found on the condensing units and are made from a thin aluminum metal that can become damaged over time. Anything from twigs and sticks, hail, high-pressure power washes, and more can cause your system’s fins to become bent and damaged.

Since these bent fins will restrict air flow and cause a whole variety of problems with your unit, a fin comb is a necessary tool for your HVAC system maintenance. These tools can come with multiple or interchangeable heads with different sizes and counts to match the specifications of your system. To use it, you draw the comb carefully along bent coil fins to straighten them out as you go.

These tools are a great asset to your HVAC maintenance; however, we do not recommend using them if you do not have any handyman experience. When in doubt, maintaining your HVAC system is best left to the professionals at Art Newsome Inc. Our contractors have experience working with heating and cooling in Williamsburg, VA, and will provide all of the necessary checks and fixes to keep your machine running efficiently.

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